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RAPID Chief Operating Officer Russ Ogi: High Tech-Leader

RAPID COO, Russ Ogi, is named as one of the Pacific News Bytes Hawaii’s Top High-Tech Leaders of 2008.

Hawaii Business Magazine: Super Modeling

RAPID Technology Founder and CEO Emil Reyes talks about how he founded RAPID and why rapid prototyping will benefit Hawaii’s industries. The article was also featured in the “news” section of ZCorp’s national site.

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Hawaii Business 2008 SB Success Awards

RAPID Technology receives the Hawaii Business 2008 Small Business Success Award for Honorable Mention.

Think RAPID Educational 3D Design Competition

RAPID Technology LLC together with some of Hawaii’s top high tech companies and organizations is proud to present the first annual Think RAPID Educational 3D Design Competition. The competition is aimed at introducing Hawaii’s high school and college level students to rapid prototyping technology.

The competition is designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum in Hawaii schools and expose Hawaii students to new, innovative ways of thinking through the use of CAD/CAM technologies. It is also a great way to expose students to a method of manufacturing/prototyping not only making them competitive in the global job market.

It is our hope that through programs like this 3D design competition, that we will be able to better prepare Hawaii students both at the high school and college level in the architectural, engineering, medical and scientific fields of the future.

Competition runs from April 2, 2007 through December 19, 2007.

3D Printing and Other Advanced Visualization Technologies

Emil Reyes and Russ Ogi of RAPID Technology LLC (RAPID) speak on the Think Tech Hawaii Public Radio program hosted by Jay Fidel. The show covers various visualization technologies that RAPID uses to help its clients in everything from engineering to art. The technologies range from 3D printing to haptic technology, how the work and what impact they will have on Hawaii.

Click here to go to the Think Tech Hawaii archives and hear the radio show

Click here to listen to the Think Tech Hawaii after show broadcast

Hawaii High Tech Leader Award

RAPID Chief Executive Officer Emil Reyes: High-Tech Leader
RAPID’s CEO, Emil Reyes, is named as one of Pacific News Bytes Hawaii’s Top High-Tech Leaders of 2005